Thailand Update

23 Dec

Hey guys!

Here’s a little update and I guess some prayer request!

We have been in Thailand for a bit more than one week now. It’s really different but really good at the same time! We are staying in a small town called Phrao which consists of mostly Thais who don’t speak English and little foreigners. 

We was teaching at a Kindergarden called Little Candles which is owned by our previous Youth pastor. There are three Christian teahcers at the Kindagarden which is pretty cool. There are two other teachers who are not Christians and CAN speak engligh, which is REALLY rare! So please pray that we’ll will have opportunities to have spiritual conversations with them.

Alan has already had a little spiritual conversation with one of them. So, pray for that! We have also been teaching at Phrao High School.  Pray that through our actions they will realise how different we are and question our beliefs. We are not allowed to directly evangelise teachers there but if the topic of religion comes up, we can share our faith. Hehehe. Today we did the Everything skit in front of the whole school for their Christmas concert. Please pray that they will understand the message and think about it. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts!

Finally, please pray for our team as they are having conflicts etc!


One Response to “Thailand Update”

  1. saNdra December 31, 2010 at 11:47 AM #

    Keep up the Godly work guys!!!


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