19 Nov

A common saying that is said in the evangelical church is this.

‘Make us more Christ-like’
‘Pray that I\we may know you more’

A couple of questions that came up after listening to a sermon.

If someone spends a day with you, do you think they will turn to you and go wow… I feel like I’ve hung out with Jesus?

Why do you want to know God more? Do you want to just know more about God or do you want to be known by God?

Knowledge of God is nothing, Knowledge of God knowing you… thats something special… so very special… Jeremiah 9:23-24

Edit: Please don’t take me as we shouldn’t know God. We do and should study the word and through the Bible see who God is and respond! (emphasis on the respond) But we should not boast in that, or see that (attaining knowledge) as our ‘christian duty’ or something to strive for.

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