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Theatre Sports Night

30 Oct

As November the 19th approaches, the highly anticipated and popular games night is returning. This year we will be putting on our improvising hats and getting ready to bring thunderous roars of laughter in our church. The legendary Chewbacca will return to us once again as we perform many fun games of…

Theatre Sports!

For those who don’t know or never played, improvisation is a form of acting that is spontaneous and completely made up. Theatre sports is a form of improvisational theatre which uses the format of a competition for dramatic effect. Opposing teams can perform scenes based on audience suggestions, with ratings by a panel of judges.

The Theatre Sports night will be held on Friday the 19th of November at our usual SCUC Youth Group Hall.
So keep that date free and bring your friends along! It will be a night of fun and laughter!

In the meantime, watch these hilarious video from Whose line is it anyways to get some ideas of great improvisation!


A curse in disguise

22 Oct

Blessings can be curses in disguise.

You’d think that blessings make you praise God more.
During our hard times, we look forward to when we’re out of them or when our season of blessing comes.
And we say to God, “God, I promise, if you get me out of this, i’ll praise You more. I promise that i’ll be happy with what you give me, just as long as it’s not what i’m currently going through!”
But sometimes they just make you expect more.

Since arriving here I have been blessed by God.
A lot.
The 3 things that i had to sort out for living here were all pretty much sorted within a few weeks – place to stay, job and church.
I have made good quality friends and have enjoyed some travelling already!

But the human heart is deceitful.
Although i knew i’d been blessed, and i did praise God for it, sin seeped into my heart slowly.
At its worst, i found myself expecting more blessing, while also being envious of others’.

I had begun to go after the gifts and not the Giver.

Selfishness also creeped into my heart.
I began to view things as whether they served me or not, rather than how I should serve.

Thank God that He shook me to my senses by challenging me with the same question through a few different people.
God was simply challenging me with Mark 10:45 :
[For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.]

So I’ve decided I need an overhaul of my attitude.
What good is it for me to gain the whole world but forfeit my soul (Matt 15:26) ?
I want to keep sacrificing, submitting and surrendering my life to God – every part of it.
I want to do what Jesus did for me.
I want to serve.

Sometimes, blessings can be curses in disguise.

Thank You, Jesus, for turning it back into a blessing.

Exam Prayer Timetable

13 Oct

Please email Darren your exam dates to be added onto the Exam Prayer Timetable!

The Fire – Nate Pfeil

10 Oct

3,2,1 Fun!?

4 Oct

Hey guys,

3,2,1 Fun! is finally over and it was definitely a blast of a couple of days! We had so much fun that we didn’t have time to take photos! I think James recorded a few videos of people playing Cranium! Thanks heaps to Brian for lending us the board games and rugby ball!
Here are some reflections/recaps from May, Amy Teh and Isaac!

May’s Amazingly Breathtaking Reflection:

Mixed night started with 99% of the girls bailing. I was the first person of the female gender to arrive and so had to fight the guys for a slice of pizza..after our unhealthy, high calorie dinner, we proceeded to have fun with a board game – cranium which most of us did not know how to play – hence a ridiculous start where everyone lost in the first few rounds. After much hyperactivity and girl power (Amy Teh and I), we managed the game smoothly with the 2nd group cheating consistently. More people arrived and some left and everyone was screaming (especially the singaporeans -excluding myself – naturally competitive). After cranium, we decided to harass Adrianne further (after the cat and “attack adrianne” in football) and forced him to be a psychiatrist which he failed at, no offence. then i went home..WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT!!!!!!! 😀

Tehsta’s Reflection:

Upon arrival, I was greeted with the comment: “ohhh good… now May won’t be the only girl.” Perhaps recognising that girls are an asset in a game like Cranium, Alan quickly recruited me into his team. I believe the first round involved guessing the movie title: ‘snakes on a plane” and after that win, we were unstoppable. Haha!

Admittedly, May’s team deserves some credit for our title of Cranium Champions; they kindly kept drawing Allplay cards which allowed our team numerous opportunities to steal a win. If that wasn’t enough, they generously let us eavesdrop on Juz’s soulful rendition of ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston. Thanks guys for your help. 😉

Other highlights include Psychiatrist (thanks to Adrianne for being such a good sport!) and Dee trying to act out ‘Nutcracker’ but getting confused and doing the ‘Nutbush’ instead. If you feel like you missed out… you did! You can however get a little piece of the fun by checking out the videos taken of the night which will hopefully be uploaded soon!

Fellowship was great and walking away with a laughter induced headache is the best way to end a night. Thanks to James for his hospitality and Brian for lending us the games. Looking forward to the next event!

Isaac’s Reflection:

I praise God for the awesome day we had on Saturday,

we started off throwing the vortex around, while waiting Alan and Matt to find a pump from the shop to pump up a football, only to come back with the football deformed, so we ended up kicking a touch rugby ball, which hurts more than kicking a normal football.
Then we played touch rugby with Dietrich, Adrianne and Alan on one team, and Peter, Tim, Matt and myself on the other team. Then I sat out for a short break, only to see the amazing skills from the participant, with Tim and Adrianne with their face running skills. We were joined by Yik Fong. Then we all went into Jame’s house for a sausage lunch and to watch the AFL Grand Final, disappointing result, but great fellowship. We were then joined by Justin and Francis.

After the football, we decided to kick the touch rugby ball, but this time with tackles, obviously Yik Fong dominated with tackles, and Adrianne dominating skill of running away from the ball to avoid being tackled. We were then joined by Adam, Darren, May and Nathan. We went back in for a pizza and soft drink dinner, and then we played Cranium. We were then joined by Amy Teh, the Sim sisters and Leighton. We also played Psychiatrist where Adrianne [Mr. I’m-afraid-of-cats-dogs-and-balloon-popping] was the psychiatrist. Then we played two rounds of Mafia.

My conclusion: I thank God for the awesome day, I thank God for the fellowship, and I thank God for the fun we had. Great Day.

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