3,2,1 Fun! Update

30 Sep

Hey guys,
The girls fun day was on Wednesday and they played their board games and I heard that it was pretty FUN! More update on their girls day soon!

Now for the boys,
We are starting at 10am at James Hoey’s house which is 5 minutes from church and we will be playing all sorts of active sports. So strap on your running boots, pull up your short shorts and come ready to sweat it out! We will be playing soccer, footy, basketball, cricket etc.
At 2:30pm we will head back to James’ house to watch the rematch of the AFL grand finals! And afterwards…

The mixed event,
We will be playing all sorts of fun board games at James’ house at night! And since the girls just did a day of board games they should be leet at it and pwn us…
So put on your thinking hats and arrive at James’ house at around 5:30pm and dinner (probably pizza… CRUST PIZZA) would be provided!

Also, if you guys need a lift this Saturday, please contact/inform your cell leader or Dee.


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