Update from Julian

27 Sep

Hello everyone

Thanks for all your messages of support, Father is very good to us all.

I’ve been amazed at how quickly the team has adjusted to the new world we see around us. There are several things that are done differently here than back home.

There is a strong sense of both honour and shame amongst the people, and a lot of it is based on what people can see, so everything is very external. Different aspects of M culture are very very strong here.

There are several stereotypes we can carry of people from this region, which may come from a lack of understanding of their culture. I remember bringing 24 Season 6 with me and contrasting what we think to reality that I see. Yes there are things here I find hard to process, but father opens doors into this culture, and that includes grace to love whom we come across.

For example people here are actually quite generous, and at least here we are more or less welcome as people. The people my age are curious about the world, and there is a lot of spir’tual’y here. Family is a lot more heavily emphasised here, and certain parts of W culture is looked down upon.

I have heard so many amazing stories of people coming to J, some of them are so heartwarming and heartbreaking to hear. But father definitely loves people here even if they are unable to accept his love yet. And father works overtime trying to make His love acceptable to us.

From what I’ve learnt so far from the stories and my experiences the most important thing to have a tender heart towards father, to be sensitive to the HS. I’m learning so much about true EV when I am here. There isn’t that much EV work being done here. So many reasons why C’s aren’t here is based on fear, yet this area is so clearly the great challenge C’ty faces.

The people who work here describe their love of a challenge, and there are many people who have walked away from so much just to be here.

At the moment the team is settling in well into our main roles here, teaching english and working with refugees. It’s so redemptive, four years after walking away from teaching in Australia (thinking I’d never ever stand in front of a whiteboard again) here I am doing this, and this time knowing father is fully behind me! 😉

My first classes have been interesting to teach, learning a whole lot of grammar I didn’t know already…

I will share stories as I get the chance

Prayer points

That tiredness would not stop our team from bringing light into where we are

Please pray for opportunities to share Jesus with people here

Please pray for me that I would take a hold of everything father has for me to do here




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