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3,2,1 Fun! Update

30 Sep

Hey guys,
The girls fun day was on Wednesday and they played their board games and I heard that it was pretty FUN! More update on their girls day soon!

Now for the boys,
We are starting at 10am at James Hoey’s house which is 5 minutes from church and we will be playing all sorts of active sports. So strap on your running boots, pull up your short shorts and come ready to sweat it out! We will be playing soccer, footy, basketball, cricket etc.
At 2:30pm we will head back to James’ house to watch the rematch of the AFL grand finals! And afterwards…

The mixed event,
We will be playing all sorts of fun board games at James’ house at night! And since the girls just did a day of board games they should be leet at it and pwn us…
So put on your thinking hats and arrive at James’ house at around 5:30pm and dinner (probably pizza… CRUST PIZZA) would be provided!

Also, if you guys need a lift this Saturday, please contact/inform your cell leader or Dee.


Thought for the day-

29 Sep

‘We have seconds to work, to serve Him, but eternity to rejoice.’

Amy Carmichael

Missions Night!

27 Sep

Hey guys,

Last weeks Youth Group was our annual Missions Night and it was awesome! Amy’s group made bookmarks for the children in Thailand, Dave’s group went to watch a missions inspired movie,  Jason’s group made cupcakes and Mel’s group made strawberry jam for new comers. It was a great night for us to share and show God’s love to the people around us!

It was also Andrew’s birthday. He loved the ice-cream cake! Check out the photos!

Update from Julian

27 Sep

Hello everyone

Thanks for all your messages of support, Father is very good to us all.

I’ve been amazed at how quickly the team has adjusted to the new world we see around us. There are several things that are done differently here than back home.

There is a strong sense of both honour and shame amongst the people, and a lot of it is based on what people can see, so everything is very external. Different aspects of M culture are very very strong here.

There are several stereotypes we can carry of people from this region, which may come from a lack of understanding of their culture. I remember bringing 24 Season 6 with me and contrasting what we think to reality that I see. Yes there are things here I find hard to process, but father opens doors into this culture, and that includes grace to love whom we come across.

For example people here are actually quite generous, and at least here we are more or less welcome as people. The people my age are curious about the world, and there is a lot of spir’tual’y here. Family is a lot more heavily emphasised here, and certain parts of W culture is looked down upon.

I have heard so many amazing stories of people coming to J, some of them are so heartwarming and heartbreaking to hear. But father definitely loves people here even if they are unable to accept his love yet. And father works overtime trying to make His love acceptable to us.

From what I’ve learnt so far from the stories and my experiences the most important thing to have a tender heart towards father, to be sensitive to the HS. I’m learning so much about true EV when I am here. There isn’t that much EV work being done here. So many reasons why C’s aren’t here is based on fear, yet this area is so clearly the great challenge C’ty faces.

The people who work here describe their love of a challenge, and there are many people who have walked away from so much just to be here.

At the moment the team is settling in well into our main roles here, teaching english and working with refugees. It’s so redemptive, four years after walking away from teaching in Australia (thinking I’d never ever stand in front of a whiteboard again) here I am doing this, and this time knowing father is fully behind me! 😉

My first classes have been interesting to teach, learning a whole lot of grammar I didn’t know already…

I will share stories as I get the chance

Prayer points

That tiredness would not stop our team from bringing light into where we are

Please pray for opportunities to share Jesus with people here

Please pray for me that I would take a hold of everything father has for me to do here



3,2,1 Fun! Results

25 Sep

Hey guys,

The votes are in!
The girls are doing Board Games and the boys are having a Sports day!

Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday 29th September 2010
Where: Brian and Julie’s house
Time: 10:45am – 5pm

Date: Saturday 2nd October 2010
Where: James Hoey’s house
Time: Start at 10am

Now for the Mixed Fun day, here is the poll. The mixed event will be held at night on the 2nd of October (after the boys day).
Add comment if you have other suggestions.
Vote away!!!

Skeptical View of Christianity

17 Sep

Hey Guys!

Here is an excerpt of an interesting philosophical article/conversation I read today off Boundless.

You say a skeptic doubts everything. What would it be like to doubt everything?

It would make you cautious. You’d reason instead of accepting things blindly. You wouldn’t be taken in by falsehoods.

Are you sure? If you doubted everything, wouldn’t you doubt the good of caution too?

Hmm. Yeah, I guess you would.

And if you doubted everything, wouldn’t you doubt whether reasoning works?

I suppose that’s true too. But doubting everything would keep you from being taken in by falsehoods, wouldn’t it?

Yes, but wouldn’t it also keep you from being “taken in” by truths?


Because you can’t know a truth unless you believe it, and you can’t believe it unless you stop doubting it.

I see. If I doubt everything, I can’t even know that two and two are four.


So in order to know anything, eventually I have to stop doubting.

Right. As G.K. Chesterton said, “Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”

Then is doubt bad?

No, you just have to know when to stop. The purpose of opening the mind is …

To shut it again on something solid.

But you can’t shut it on something solid unless …

You open it first.

“A Skeptical View of Christianity” – J.Budziszewski

Here is the full article:

3,2,1 Fun!

13 Sep


Hey guys,

The Welcome and Outreach team were thinking about doing a few gatherings these school holidays! Just for some good old bonding and fellowship!
So, the name of this event is call, 3,2,1 Fun!

What is this you may ask?
During the holidays there will be be three days/nights of fun!
It will start off with the boys and girls having their own separate events and then it will finish off with a combined day!

Here are the polls, we will most likely do the activity with the most votes!

What do you GUYS want to do?

Girl’s poll is now available, vote now!

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