40 hour famine

4 Aug

What: 40 Hour Famine

When: Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd August

How: For 40 hours give up something that you depend upon every day. Some food for thought to give up:

  • Food
  • Facebook, Youtube, MSN or the Internet altogether
  • Games, TV, mobile/i-phone/i-pad/whatever it is that you use to call people

How (pt 2): If you don’t feel called to fast then please consider supporting people who are fasting by sponsoring them or by prayer.

Why: In giving these things it is an opportunity to depend less upon yourself and more upon God (Psalm 62:6-8 and Hosea 10:12-13). Also, the money that is raised goes towards reaching out to people, families and communities who are not guaranteed one meal a day.

Contact: Darren (dthindle@yahoo.com) or


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