Devotion: Summary from Chapters 2 & 3 of Prodigal God

26 Jul

Reference from Luke 15: 11 – 32.

From the Tim Keller’s chapters and the parable this summary hit me:

One end, two d i f f e r e n t means.

Let me explore this:
Both sons didn’t have the willingness and desire to be in a relationship/get to know the father. With the end point being to gain possession of his “things” instead, whether that be material or non-material things to be used at the son’s discretion. They wanted to be in charge; they are boss.

So the being boss part was attempted via two different means:

1. being detached from the father, physical freedom, spontaneous actions/thoughts
2. by obeying rules, maintaining/responding to order, in a hope that the son deserves the reward. In effect he would be thinking it’s my birth right to have what the father owns but I’d do the right rituals and keep tradition to look good and earn respect for myself along the way.

This parable reminded me of the world we live in. People reach the same ultimate end point position (ie. neglect the Lord) but the means of doing so and how they got there are so vastly different. Some say I had a bad experience with religion, other say you can practise whatever you wish as log as you are happy. But
are they really?

Jesus’ parable really highlights that we have missed the point as to how to live life to the full and in the truth. He redefines sin were we rejected God and not let God be God in our lives. We aren’t humble but proud, and proud of the fact we are proud! Are we fooling ourselves?

We must be patient and willing to listen to others. To here them out as how they got to such end and hopefully with the guidance of God, may we point them to Him appropriately.

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