MYC: A Review

15 Jul

It’s a couple weeks after the fact, but thanks for coming to YG Camp, everyone! I hope that you all had an awesome time hanging out, making new friends and learning from Aaron and Simon’s talk(s).

However, following the fun and fellowship of YG Camp, a few of us had some energy to spare yet, and we headed off on the same night to Student Life’s Mid-Year Conference (MYC).

MYC is Student Life’s biggest event of the year. Each year it is held in Albury‘s Lake Hume Resort to accommodate for the people coming from campuses all across Victoria and New South Wales, and this year there was over 200 university students there from Sydney to Ballarat to Geelong to Newcastle, as well as a few mission teams (also students) from the States along with missionaries working with Student Life.

The conference ran over 6 days, starting from the Sunday afternoon of YG Camp, and it was packed with:

  • Challenging messages from John North, the speaker for MYC each year
  • An afternoon of outreach in Wodonga!
  • Training sessions and workshops
  • A dance party on the last night! :O
  • And just a whole lot of brothers and sisters in Christ to sing praise with, to sit together and pray and study the Word with, and just to encourage and spur each other on in a genuine and loving Christian community. Amazing.
  • So if you’re currently studying at university, find out about Student Life. Get involved with uni ministry. Go for it!

    Or at the very least go to MYC next year, because these few paragraphs will not do the event justice at all. And it is unmissable.

    As for me. After going to YG Camp and MYC, back-to-back, and spending 8 days completely immersed in a community of people who exude joy in Christ, I was left sleep deprived but so glad I went to both camp and conference.

    Praise God for how he is working at SCUC and at Student Life.


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