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Francis Chan – I’m in love

30 Jul

Dinner this FRIDAY!

28 Jul

A reminder that all are welcome this Friday 30th for coporate dinner.
Let Isaac know!

Time: 6:30pm
Place:same as usual! SCUC Gospel Hall

Devotion: Summary from Chapters 2 & 3 of Prodigal God

26 Jul

Reference from Luke 15: 11 – 32.

From the Tim Keller’s chapters and the parable this summary hit me:

One end, two d i f f e r e n t means.

Let me explore this:
Both sons didn’t have the willingness and desire to be in a relationship/get to know the father. With the end point being to gain possession of his “things” instead, whether that be material or non-material things to be used at the son’s discretion. They wanted to be in charge; they are boss.

So the being boss part was attempted via two different means:

1. being detached from the father, physical freedom, spontaneous actions/thoughts
2. by obeying rules, maintaining/responding to order, in a hope that the son deserves the reward. In effect he would be thinking it’s my birth right to have what the father owns but I’d do the right rituals and keep tradition to look good and earn respect for myself along the way.

This parable reminded me of the world we live in. People reach the same ultimate end point position (ie. neglect the Lord) but the means of doing so and how they got there are so vastly different. Some say I had a bad experience with religion, other say you can practise whatever you wish as log as you are happy. But
are they really?

Jesus’ parable really highlights that we have missed the point as to how to live life to the full and in the truth. He redefines sin were we rejected God and not let God be God in our lives. We aren’t humble but proud, and proud of the fact we are proud! Are we fooling ourselves?

We must be patient and willing to listen to others. To here them out as how they got to such end and hopefully with the guidance of God, may we point them to Him appropriately.

Is the media brainwashing you?

20 Jul

Romans 12:2 says:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.Two words that stand out to me in this passage are “conform” and “transform”. This verse suggests that we fall into two categories – either conforming or transforming.

I will use an analogy of diffusion and active transport in biology. (How geeky I know – but as a disclaimer it’s been a while since I’ve studied these things so I cannot vouch for the absolute scientific validity or depth of my example!)

Diffusion and active transport are both processes in which cells in the body obtain or release nutrients or waste products. Now diffusion is pretty much a go-with-the-flow type process. For example in a crowded room everyone spreads out – unless you have awkward personal space boundary issues (not looking at anyone in particular). In contrast active transport actually requires energy to actively pump things in against the natural flow – like salmon swimming upstream against the flow of the water.

So if we relate this back to the verse – in our passive state, if we do nothing, we will automatically flick to diffusion mode and conform to the pattern of this world. The call, however, is for us to be transformed (like active transport) to pump in the nutrients (God’s Word!), which we require to know what God’s will is!

It’s almost like our minds and desires are mould-able play dough waiting to take the shape of its surroundings. That’s a scary thought when you think about it! Many of us live oblivious to the fact.

I suppose that’s how advertising works. But on a more non-commercial note what sort of moral values and perceptions about God are we gaining from sources external to the Bible. Whether you like it or not we begin to form our beliefs based on what we surround ourselves with.

You may have heard it said that religion and Christianity brainwashes you – But I would submit to you that we are all being brainwashed period. It is up to you to decide what you want to be brainwashed by: The Word of God or something else.

So the application point here is – what are you allowing yourself to be conformed to? Do nothing and I assure you, you will naturally go with the flow and think whatever TV or magazines tell you to.

I’m not saying that we have to cut media out completely (though it would probably do those who are serious about God some serious good) but I am saying that we need to watch what the predominant conforming agent in our lives is.

So if you are serious about growing in Christ and knowing God’s will; transform your mind and renew it daily with the Bible.

Do it – it won’t happen over night… but it will happen… if you actively transform your mind!

David Cheung

2010 Uni Cell Groups Cook Off

17 Jul

Our 2010 Cook Off winner: Jason and Jacqui’s Bananananananza

Click here for more pictures of our 2010 Cook Off.

MYC: A Review

15 Jul

It’s a couple weeks after the fact, but thanks for coming to YG Camp, everyone! I hope that you all had an awesome time hanging out, making new friends and learning from Aaron and Simon’s talk(s).

However, following the fun and fellowship of YG Camp, a few of us had some energy to spare yet, and we headed off on the same night to Student Life’s Mid-Year Conference (MYC).

MYC is Student Life’s biggest event of the year. Each year it is held in Albury‘s Lake Hume Resort to accommodate for the people coming from campuses all across Victoria and New South Wales, and this year there was over 200 university students there from Sydney to Ballarat to Geelong to Newcastle, as well as a few mission teams (also students) from the States along with missionaries working with Student Life.

The conference ran over 6 days, starting from the Sunday afternoon of YG Camp, and it was packed with:

  • Challenging messages from John North, the speaker for MYC each year
  • An afternoon of outreach in Wodonga!
  • Training sessions and workshops
  • A dance party on the last night! :O
  • And just a whole lot of brothers and sisters in Christ to sing praise with, to sit together and pray and study the Word with, and just to encourage and spur each other on in a genuine and loving Christian community. Amazing.
  • So if you’re currently studying at university, find out about Student Life. Get involved with uni ministry. Go for it!

    Or at the very least go to MYC next year, because these few paragraphs will not do the event justice at all. And it is unmissable.

    As for me. After going to YG Camp and MYC, back-to-back, and spending 8 days completely immersed in a community of people who exude joy in Christ, I was left sleep deprived but so glad I went to both camp and conference.

    Praise God for how he is working at SCUC and at Student Life.

    Prodigal God Study starting this Friday!

    6 Jul
    Click here for the Facebook event.
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