Gossip, Grace and Community

8 Apr


As Christians we are often compelled on the topic of social justice, I for one admittedly am.

We see images of sick children next to a dirty water source holding broken plastic bottles, then see them walking back to their homes (which is probably miles away) while that ‘dirty water’ slowly drips out along the dusty path.

We do things such as the 40 Hour Famine, Oxfam, sponsor a child, sponsor a village and so on. I am not saying these things are bad but we may often overlook people within our own community in fear.

The Bible doesn’t just mention physical need but also spiritual need. Which I believe is often forgotten about.

In Galation 6

1Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. 2Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

We have a responsibility to one another when we see each other in transgression/sin.

If we are godly people we are commanded to help people with their sin. There is a misconception that we are judging them. The Bible teaches that we are to restore them and help solve the problem.

Judging is when we sit back and point out their flaws, labeling them as hypocrite, and not helping the individual.

Gentleness is is synonymous with humbly, because it will be hard. The legalistic will condemn and gossip about that person’s sin.

In the church there is a lot of gossip, and it is so wrong. Galations teaches us we are to go to that person to help them with it. We will all hear people who gossip, I want to challenge you to ask these 2 questions when someone is gossiping

1. What have you done to help that person?

2. How does your telling me help him/her?

If were judges we’ll gossip and judge those people in their sins but if we are wanting to be more like Christ to be Godly Spiritual people how is that going to help them?

We need to come along side with our brothers and sisters, that if we see sin in each others life we don’t let that go. We have a responsibility to one another.

Some say

‘Most loving thing to do is not to judge them and to leave them alone.’

That is wrong, the most loving thing is to go along side with them and not let them be caught into transgression.

The 2nd part is to be gentle and humble, the temptation to become proud in this process. I will touch on that a little further down, how to do this humbly.

v2 Carry each others burdens and we will fulfill the law Christ.

We are commanded to carry each others burdens, We need to stop looking at people’s problems saying that is her problem and I am going to help her with it, We need to say that is our problem

Your sin, my sin is our problem. Carry each other’s burdens.

We all know Christians who struggle through sin, I don’t want people to walk away from their convictions, I don’t want people to become judgmental or arrogant in the way, but to share in each others burdens in a humble and loving way.

Sin has become so private and that in it self can be so destructive. ‘its my issue, and if someone mentions it to me they are judging me.’ This kills the community. That is not what Galatians is on about, it says we carry each others burdens in this way we fulfill the law of Christ which is to Love one another.

The loving thing to do for someone is feed them when they are hungry, the most loving is when they are walking away from God you bring them back to repentance.

An excuse that is often thrown out is

‘How can I help someone else when I have so much sin and issues in my life?’

So what are you going to wait for? Waiting for you to stop sinning? Good luck.

So were going to wait until we stop sinning, then we can help other people with their sin?

We seek to help other people, when we take our minds of ourselves its amazing how many ‘issues’ clear up in our lives.

3If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. 4Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else, 5for each one should carry his own load.

This verse is for the arrogant, test your own actions not comparing to someone else were always going to be ‘better then him’ but compare it to God and His standard He has placed before you.

v5 sounds almost like a contradiction of v2 (carry each others burdens) now it says carry his own load. but it is Burden and Loads.

Burdens is an unbearable heavy thing that needs help carrying.

Load is like a soldiers back pack with his supplies, which is his responsibility

It is a reminder that as we help each other in their sin we need to be responsible ourselves.

Everyone is responsible for their own load.

6Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor.

I thought about this verse and it kind of confused me at first as to how it fits into the rest of the context. But I think it is this.

When someone instructs us they actually care enough about you to confront you about the sin in your life. Our natural reaction is to go defensive get mad, offended and slander that person saying they ‘judge me’ blah blah blah.

The Bible says when someone loves you enough to build into you spiritually, instead of getting angry and frustrated, be thankful and share all good things with this person.

Have there been people who have cared enough to confront you on your sin?

They don’t get anything out of it, they probably knew you’d get mad, they care about your well being more then your friendship. They took a risk and went out on a limb.

There ought to be a display of reciprocated love to that person who ‘got in your face.’ It sounds weird but just reflect on it, and be humble in the way you think on it.

So in closing up,

Are we going to let our brothers and sisters in Christ go on in their sin, fearful of what might happen, afraid that we maybe judging them and basically be selfish in the way we think looking after ourselves, seeing it as ‘not my problem.’ and I’ll help them when he\she asks for help?

Or are we going to humbly show them Christ, and the truths in the Bible. Sharing in their burdens and struggles therefore fulfilling the law of Christ


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